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Lifemate - Daily personalized suggestions for a healthier, more balanced life.

  • Timeline

    Jan - Apr 2022

  • Role

    Research, ideation, interaction design, visual design, prototyping


The problem

The pandemic has forced everyone to put their busy lives on hold, leading to the re-evaluation of one's priorities and reflecting on what makes life worthwhile. People now realize that the "hustle" goes beyond their professional lives and into their personal lives as well.

However, many busy individuals still struggle to deal with their deeply ingrained habits and pressure, regarding work hours. Thus, how can we help people free themselves from unhealthy work patterns and reach a more sustainable and ultimately, rewarding work-life balance?

The solution

Lifemate offers daily recommendations that fit your goals and day. A bite-sized content library helps you learn effective tips and strategies to boost your life easily and enjoyably. Also, a journal tool provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on what changes you want to make for a healthier and more balanced life.

  • Select what you want to achieve through Lifemate and how you would like to receive support. We’ll help you in a way that best works for you.

  • Daily personalized suggestions fit seamlessly into any opportune moments throughout a busy day, and support you as you manage your responsibilities and well-being.

  • Explore the content library based on your content preferences (videos, articles, audios, etc.), learn effective tips and strategies to boost your health, career, and relationships.

  • Write down your thoughts as they pop-up or utilize one of the guided journaling templates to help yourself put things into perspective and determine the changes you want to make to live a healthier, balanced life.

User interviews & synthesis

To come up with the solution, I started by conducting 4 in-depth user interviews with people of diverse ages (19–51), from which I was able to discover three key problem areas that Lifemate could address.

problem space

  • Negligent and Unknowledgeable of Self Care

    Many people neglect self-care and don’t know how to utilize their downtime effectively or efficiently, which decrease performance in both their personal and professional lives.

  • Blurred Boundaries

    For various reasons, such as the pull of short-term rewards and their feelings of anxiety or guilt when they are not working, people fail to mentally and physically disconnect from work during off hours.

  • Lack of self-reflection

    People lack the opportunity to reflect and evaluate on their lives, so they stick to the patterns that they are used to, even though it may be unhealthy.

opportunity space

  • Addressing: Negligent and Unknowledgeable of Self Care

    Allowing people to learn different tips and strategies on improving self-care, as well as on topics like work/career and relationships, help them to manage the different aspects of their lives in a healthy way.

  • Addressing: Blurred Boundaries

    Daily exercises and content suggestions fit into the time of day, reminding and supporting people to focus on the present.

  • Addressing: Lack of self-reflection

    Provide an opportunity to pause, put things into perspective, and, ultimately, determine the changes they want to make in their lives.


I came up with several ideas that would capture the opportunities that I’ve identified, and decided the core features as: daily personalized suggestions, bite-sized content library, and a journal tool.

Final prototype