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Bandcamp - A redesign of the Bandcamp website to elevate the brand and experience.

  • Timeline

    Dec - Apr 2022

  • Role

    Visual design, prototyping


About Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a music discovery platform built to support artists. On Bandcamp, individual artists can reach and receive support from fans and music lovers more directly without any cost. It’s the most widely used platform for artists to share announcements and updates, sell exclusive merch and music, and create a variety of fund drives.

The problem

Bandcamp’s visual system is dated, cluttered, and lacked excitement. The website is text heavy and lacks hierarchy, which makes information hard to digest. It is difficult to understand their core offerings where it is not clearly emphasized.

Design goals

  • Modernize the website’s look and feel, including the design elements of font, icons, and page design.

  • Increase hierarchy to make the content readable, understandable and easy to scan.

  • On the home page, feature a hero message that represents the brand and organize the page architecture to make a clear path to action.

Final design