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This project focused on our visual understanding of the world and new ways of interpreting it or adapting it to tangible matter (having it physically in front of you. The main area of interest that is developed are the method of changing perception of our innate ability, through discovering a new multi sensorial experience.



My project is about giving a multi-sensorial experience of indoor air-flow through olfaction with visual indications of instantaneous information.

We are encased in artificial environments all the time, humans control environments such as living space to fit our preference. For example light or temperature, colour. Yet there is one thing that we don’t fully recognise air-flow.


What if we could see certain qualities of air and use the information to enhance our space. I believe air could be tangible matter with visual experience of sensing odour.




This is my final design piece that demonstrates instantaneous information of indoor airflow. So I designed real-time interaction. This 3 dimensional display provides the experience of seeing invisible matter, fragrance in the air. It collects complex changes of level of fragrance through using ethanol sensor.


So as I spread the perfume around this display and the sensor detects the ethanol it starts to tell you the quantity around it. The interesting point of this self awareness is that these nerves continually animate, following the ethanol’s movement with the air flow. Indeed, Ethanol follows gentle air-flow that already exist in this place.











Each unit is designed as a membrane like artificial nerve to have ability to sense smell. This physical display has independence to allowed to collect location specific information where you want to see when you smell it. the display indicates the value through the light.




Why I designed visualisation method. Air has volume and it has complex flux. There are moments when we perceive the existence of the air when we see the blue sky we think we could see the sky however actually we see the reflected colour between particles of air and sunlight.




Out of our key five sense, olfaction(sense of smell) has least ability in terms of resolution, we rely mostly on on sight.




This artificial nerve’s sensitivity is designed to be at the same as level as a human being.






As a single object for your room



Insense offers a method to instantaneously visualise invisible complex airflows on a physical display, changing our lifestyle and relationship to space. In this case complex data no longer needs to be stores and analysed over long period of times, rather it can be seen and interacted with in real-time. Using this system we can change the way we see what we breathe.


2014 Royal College of Art degree show 18th June - 27th June

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