Consumer electronics



Art Installation




As a trained product designer and innovation design engineer

it allows me to break the limited boundary of materialising the idea

from hyphothesis to the customer product level



Yoo-Jin Jung





Career summary _ https://kr.linkedin.com/in/yoo-jin-jung-22578632







BA 2004-2008 / Industrial Design / Chung-Ang University in Korea

-Practicing industrial design skill where product design solutions meet the wants and needs of people and industry.



MA, MSc 2012-2014 / Innovation Design Engineering / Royal College of Art & Imperial College London.

It’s a double master, it’s demanding, it’s cutting-edge, complex, intense and unique. Experimental design and market disruption innovation are major disciplines of my subject to design principal. Digital healthcare, Visualising instantaneous air flow, Platform of the petition and local communication system, Sports innovation.






Samsung Design sponsorship 2005-2008

-As an awarded student, I had a support of academic development and co-operate multidisciplinary projects including Humanity and New technology. This program supports one to become a more creative designer with integrative experiences through design education, academic-industrial cooperation and many other research activities supported by Samsung Electronics.






Product designer 2008-2011 / Home-appliance / Samsung Electronics / Seoul

-As product designer, I involved wide range of projects from product concept design to manufacturing design including APEC and EU market and future road-map development for integration of home system



Design Engineer Jun-Aug 2013 / Branding + Tech /

Baileys art installation for digital media / London

-Rube Goldberg installation to create an immersive brand experience.

Create mechanism which expresses beauty of brand’s storytelling


Design Engineer Jun-Jul 2013 / The CARV start-up project / London

-The Carve is Imperial College London graduate start-up. This wearable technology for immersive SKI experience developed body motion tracking system which can record and review user’s path and performance and share with pioneer. My role is as a design engineer create vision and hardware design solution to be able to create the holistic user experience.



Designer Engineer 2014-2016 / ROLI / London

My key responsibilities centered around establishing the production and process from the ground up. The Seaboard is ROLI’s award-winning musical instrument; it has revolutionized the piano keyboard by replacing white and black keys with a continuous, touch-responsive surface with expressive capabilities of many instruments in one interface.



Experience Designer 2016 - / INNORED / Seoul

As an INNOVATION Consultant, I work with Creative Product team. I led the ‘Open Innovation Project’ for the global cosmetic company AP (Amore Pacific)


Designer, Smart gloves 2016- (Digital Musical Instrument.) / Seoul - London

Smart Glove is a start-up from King’s College of London (Sep 2016). As Chief Design Officer I design, develop, and oversee aspects of the technical and user experience integration.



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